Monday, November 16, 2009


So earlier this year (after moving to WA) hubby & I bought a used mini van, so that there was room for the kids in the car & the vehicle would be in decent running order.
The van is AWD, good for snow and ice as well as normal driving in the rain in WA.
Someone who had the van before had the DUMB idea to put 16" rims on the back & lower than requested profile tires on the front. -- We have now corrected that. It is on 15" rims with the required size tires again.

Bought a couple of used rims on Saturday & yesterday I got four BRAND NEW MATCHING tires. Best part is I can take the old rims back to the place I got the others & get some $$ for them.

It is nice to have the van sit level with the ground now and to not have any speed sensor issues, because all four wheels match.


aislinn said...

omg 16 in rims!?!?!?! some people just don't know how to use their eyeballs correctly! glad to know it's working out better now!

PurpleTX said...

saddly I think they had done it on purpose... to make it "cool" with the rear higher than the front.
Added bonus, the wiper fluid light is no longer coming on.