Monday, February 9, 2009

My Collection of Pocket Dragons

I joined an e-swap for showing off our collections. I am emailing these to my partners, but posting them as well. Both incase the pics do not show in the email, and so that if anyone else wants to see then they can.


Overview of the entire collection.

A Very Good Sign

Figure that is also the display sign.


These are my favorite two.
Lollipop is the first one I ever saw that made me want them. I was finally able to buy it this past year.
Purple is very self explanatory.

My Favorite Set

I love this set.
They remind me of the "no evil" monkeys. They were actually designed as three separate pieces & sold in different years.

Hope you enjoyed a peak into my stuff.....

As to other things I collect that are not pictured:
Menus - yes real ones from going out to eat.
Shot Glasses - my grandpa built me a cabinet for them, I am still trying to fill it.
Fabric - what good little quilter girl does not try to build a huge stash.