Thursday, November 19, 2009

See if Pics work today

so I have been dyeing & stitching some... let us see if I can get the pics to function today.

Monopoly Base Angle 1
This is the background for my Monopoly Board - it is a greyish blue. There is some subtle mottling in it.

Monopoly Base Angle 2
Another shot of it.

The two light blue strips for some family christmas gifts.

Beginning of those family gifts.



aislinn said...

That looks like an awesome Monopoly Board. I might just follow the idea and make one for the kids in my class.

AJ said...

Thanks for following me! :)
I'm a follower too!

PurpleTX said...

thanks - the monopoly is a SAL project that a LOT of people are doing... let me know if you want more info off blog.