Friday, November 20, 2009

Back to work (and swap update)

So I have to head back to work tonight after two days off (this almost never happens, I work six days a week for the most part)

It has been nice to have the time off. I got to finish the ornies for the SNOWMAN swap that I am now hostessing... Original host went AWOL (we are worried because this is very unlike her) before assigning partners.
I hope to finish a few more of the same ornie for other friends & as an angel for a swap that someone missed out on.

I also got my 10 of 10 list in the mail & have a few postcards that should go in the box tomorrow if all goes well.

Enjoying FB games today too.... new bejewled personal high score for this round.


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Kourtnie McKenzie said...

Happy ICLW! My boyfriend is a Bejeweled addict; he has this new 1-minute-mode he's been going nuts over with his iPhone. I only play with an add-on in WoW myself. :)