Friday, October 30, 2009


sure I mis-spelled the title.... not even sure if it is a real word.... but here is the point.

Why can I not get my body on a set sleep schedule??
If I get off work at 1am, why can I not be tired when I get home. It is pushing 6am and I am still not ready to go to bed. I shall force myself SOON to just GO anyway.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So I went back and imported some of the posts from my other blogs - and now I am merged into one location!


So why if you live in a multi unit setting will the home delivery (ground package) driver leave your box at the office, but the 2 day package gets left on your door step without so much as a knock on the door??
Is it not obvious that a 2 day package would contain important stuff that you do not want the neighborhood kids just running off with??

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I just found "Teaser Tuesdays"

Here is the lady that started it all.

I like the idea of this and at least four times I will have a pre-planned post for NaBloPoMo with this.... Since it is officially Tuesday here, I shall go grab the book I have been trying to read for the past several months. Death of a Darkloard by Laurell K Hamilton.

Teaser from random page (#151):
"Why had the land brought in these new people? They stank of goodness. The smell of it attracted evil."

So mine is more than two sentences, but it looks so nice out of context.


Well it is fast approaching NOVEMBER - the OFFICIAL NaBloPoMo month!
I listed completing the NaBloPoMo as one of my 101 things (see related blog) to complete.
I am going to attempt it for November this year. If I do not succeed I will have other months to finish, including the main month next year before my 11-11-11 end date arrives.