Thursday, November 12, 2009

IComLeavWe & More

So I just learned about International Comment Leaving Week, thanks to an email I got from NaBloPoMo. Definitely something up there with the writing...
I shall attempt this for the month of November, if it is before the 21st you can still get in on this month... if not - aim for next month.

Facebook has gotten more interesting for me (and more adictive) I now find myself having to log back in at set times, just to check on my: Restaurant, Farm, Fish, Sorority, Vampire Clan..... not to mention that I play Yacht and Bejeweled there.... -- so when am I going to have time to read all these blogs??

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Anonymous said...

Hi PurpleTX. I came across your blog through the IComLeavWe site. I thought I might start commenting a little now to gear up for THE week. Noticed you're in WA too. I live down in Redmond.
Curious about the dyeing you do. Is it organic?