Thursday, January 22, 2009

crafty update

So over the past few weeks I have been working away on my swaps.
Made a few amis, made a couple of stuffies, made a Poo & Toilet Paper - yep REALLY!!
I also made three or four Dotee dolls.

Most of the items are up on my Flickr so they are imortalized (for now) online.

Today I created a Crochet Hook Roll for a swap - I got the one partner I really wanted to get, so I was overly happy about that. I really hope she likes what I made.

Big kids 7th B-Day is next Friday - however, we are NOT having a party. I know.... we are scaring her for life by not letting her have a mass of kids here, but we are NOT going to pay for all that crap. She is going to have ONE kid here for a sleep over. It will be the first full over-night sleep over she has EVER had with another kid, so we are kind of worried about how it will go. She can get bossy, and that is one of my biggest concerns.

I have to do cupcakes for her at school, 23 kids (plus teacher or two & any parents that might be there) I'll just propbably take thirty & extras can go to the office ladies.

Well.... as it is a quarter til 12 now - It is about time for me to wonder off to bed.... wish I could get some sleep while I was there. Hopefully I will make it to bed soon.

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