Friday, January 30, 2009

Basket of Biscornu

So I have found a NEW challenge - just what I needed, right??

Through a link from another blog I was reading I found this challenge blog: Basket of Biscornu on Tuesday Jan 27th.

Since I have been thinking of doing one of these little "pillows" for about a month, I decided "What the heck... I can do that." and I sent in my request for an invite.

The challence is to do one biscornu a month & have yourself a nice "basket" full of them by the end of the year. So.... that left me until Saturday to get one made, take the pic & post the pic... Well I made it.

Bought the floss on Tuesday - Started designing the pattern that night & started the main outline stitching that night.
I finished it today!!
My pic is also posted over there already.

Here it is...
My January Biscornu

I decided against a button for now. If it starts screaming for one, I'll go find it one. (well two, really)

I decided to take the pic of it on a mirror, so that more of the back could be seen. I am not too happy with the back, as the hearts are too far under & I messed up on my plan. The front and back hearts were to have opposed, not been the same. The quarter is there for a size comparison.

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