Wednesday, December 3, 2008

another crappy swap coordinator

I had joined this swap. Signup deadline was November 30th. Partners had not been assigned yet today & the coordinator has not been on swap-bot since November 25th.
The swap was based on the Six Word Memoirs at Smith Magazine.

Since I have dropped the swap due to lack of coordinator participation... I am just going to post them here. The swap guidelines were to "write ten six-word memoirs pertaining to yourself, your life, fears, lost loves, whatever you want and feel like."

So here are my 10x6:
1. Texas born and raised. Colorado confined.
2. Only child. Married third of six.
3. Insomnia. Sleep is an elusive thing.
4. Two beautiful girls. want a boy....
5. Family of nuts. We don't mind.
6. Craft! Craft! I like to craft!
7. Yarn and hook, I crochet away.
8. Thanksgiving dinner cook. Dish washer too.
9. Ramen Noodles.... Hamburger Helper.... Cheap food.
10. Don't blame me. I voted McCain.

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