Saturday, December 13, 2008


Yes -- I know it is not really a word.
I've been a little busy this week at work (and at home) on my crafts.
At work this week:
I finished the snowman for the Winter Amigurumi swap that will be assigned partners next week.
I made the bunny for the swap I am angeling.
I started some strawberries for the private food swap I am doing. I need to do more than just the strawberries, so I am searching for other food items that I have the correct colors for - I might end up with an eggplant, because I DO have purple.
At home:
I finally made the crochet hook roll I have been thinking about for over a few weeks. I made room for all the hooks I have, the 1" x 6" ruler and all of my hook markers as well as SEVERAL stitch markers. - I will post some picks to flickr as soon as I actually TAKE the pictures of it.

On a side note at home:
We have put the tree up - FINALLY - this week. With the baby running around, any ornament not up at least three feet on the tree gets taken off on a regular basis. I am hoping that we are able to FIND all of the ornaments that we hung on the lower part of the tree when it is time take down the tree and out the ornaments away. Luckily it was only the M&M ornaments that came on M&M tubes in years past.

I am currently looking to complete the set of fisher price & milton bradly ornaments that I found over the past few years. These are the ones where the raindeer play twister & operation. There are the monopoly train pieces. The little people have a santa's workshop & a nativity scene. As well as the "old school style" little people on a sled.

I believe there were a few different sets, and I did photo the back of the boxes that I have, where is says "collect them all" so that I can mark the ones I DO HAVE. Hopefully I will be able to locate the rest at some point. These are the main ornaments we put on the tree this year.

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