Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Amigurimi Madness

I am now working on Amigurumi. I made one last week with no pattern, just to make sure that I could work with a hook that small & that I could get the stitches close enough together. After the pattern that I linked below, I integrated the buttons as I went along.
My first Amigurumi.
It is my little bowling pin with eyes!!

I also made a turtle, but I need to finish sewing his head on.
I have started on a second un-patterned piece that I am calling a "A2's Blob" - I will get pictures posted as soon as it has some form to it.


Jane said...

I have never heard of an Amigurimi - lol thats so cute!!!!

Shaytacular said...

How CUTE! I with I could make things like that...thats talent!