Sunday, February 26, 2006

another tickle test

Amanda, you're renewed by trying new things.

Setting off on an adventurous trip, finding a new hobby, or even introducing yourself to the new neighbors — these are the things that help put that spring back in your step. You're more curious than many, and it's the pursuit of new places, sights, sounds, and experiences that revitalizes both you and your perspective on life.
Because of this, things can start to drag when you get trapped in a routine. Exploring — whether in your own back yard or beyond — keeps you feeling fresh. And why shouldn't it? There's always a new city to discover, a new restaurant to try, or a new friend to make, and they all add to the experience you call life. Of course, there might also be times when you're tempted by some of life's more passive pleasures (watching movies, sleeping late). But ultimately, your true replenishment comes from getting involved and plugging into your keen interest in the world around you.

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